05 marzo 2012

Morrissey - GEBA Buenos Aires Argentina 04.03.2012 Set List

Listado de Temas

Show: 86 min

First of the gang to die
You've killed me
You're the one for me fatty
There's a light that never goes out
Everyday is like Sunday
When Last I spoke to Carol
Alma matters
I'm throwing my arms around Paris
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
I Will see you in far-off Places
I know it's over
Let me kiss you
Black Cloud
Meat is murder
Please, Please, Please Let Get What I Want
How soon is now?
Enchores: One day goodbye will be farewell

Morrissey - en vivo 4 de Marzo 2012 en Club GEBA Buenos Aires

Que dijo Morrissey antes de "Please...." sobre las ""Falklands"": "Please don't blame british people for what British Goverment decides, we know very well that Goverments never listen to the people, the whole world world knows that the Malvinas islands belongs to Argentina"

Review de FM Blue 100.7
Review de revista Rolling Stone Argentina
AfterHoursTokio review (excelentes fotos!)

pd: estoy buscando el audio completo de la trasmision de radio, si alguien lo tiene que chifle!

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MNeumann dijo...

Faltan Black cloud y al final How soon is now?

Por que você faz poema? dijo...

EEsperar pelo show de sao paulo.

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